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DEGA : A fully transparent gaming platform that is 100% driven by Market Sentiment and Market Prediction models through application of Solona’s blockchain technology.

DEGA Token will allow for both rational risk takers and social enthusiast to challenge one another on any given Social or Market event base on their level of confidences by staking the token against the possible outcomes in real time. By staking tokens against varying market outcomes, our gaming exchanges can help establish a mathematical representation of all the possible outcomes back by market confidences. Yet still allowing for a unrestricted social gaming experiences.

MainNet Launch

Feb 1st 2022


Elevator Pitch

DEGA Exchange is a decentralized sports & gaming exchange platform that will allow people to play with each other by bidding on future events through an open prediction market.


With the growing interest in Sport Betting and Social Gaming globally, we noticed that there there wasn't a truly decentralized and fair gaming platform on the market that meets all the requirements to satisficed the needs of the users. All other Sportsbook or "Sport Exchange" were collecting high commissions along with other fees that would eat away at a fair playing experiences. In the end, the "house" would always win. Due to the for profit model built into these systems, the platforms lack the security and a nondiscriminatory playing experience. Thus we set out to build a decentralized exchange by collecting leading industry advice and end users feedback to help ensure a free and open market prediction gaming platform.

What it does

DEGA will be launched in multiple phases, which will culminate into an omnichannel social gaming platform. With our initial launch of DEGA Exchange, we hope to build a Sport exchange that allows users all over the world to engage in market prediction in real world events. Individuals will be able to make an offer or take an offer on events that they hope to turn out in their favor. Not only will they be able to exchange DEGA by successfully matchings bids currently on the market, each user can alternatively choose to make an offer for their predicted best market value for the probability of each outcome. With the launch of DEGA Sport Exchange, we hope to build a gaming ecosystem that will foster the development of other social gaming experiences.

Get Started in a Few Seconds


No Account Needed

You can access our Sports Exchange through any web browser(s) on your computer or mobile devices. Scroll through the Markets to find the Sports or Events that interests you, and simply make or take any offers available.


Connect Your Wallet

After entering the bid, simply connect your SPL wallet to complete the offer. Once the contract has been fulfilled, a pending bid will show up in Open Bet, funds will be deducted from your wallet



A matched bid and its fund will be held in smart contract until after the completion and finalization of the scoring. Market Winners will have fund sent directly to their wallets.


DEGA Project - Jan, 2021

• Project ideas

• Market Research and Planning

• Study Solana blockchain and surrounding Ecosystem

• Programming with Solana

Development Kickoff - July, 2021

• Development Team formed

• System Design and Requirements for DEGA Exchange

• Development of DEGA Exchange started

Solana Ignition Hackathon 2021 - Oct, 2021

• DEGA Exchange debut, submission to Solana Hackathon

• Launch of DEVNET - BETA testing annoucement

• DEGA first Tweet (Twitter)

Nov 2021

First Public Campaign

• Test on DevNet, airdrop when TGE

• Bug Bounty, big airdrop reward

Strategic Funding Raising

• Working with VCs

Dec 2021 - Feb 2022

DEGA Exchange Audit

• Code audit by a certified company (unknown yet)

Token Generation Event (TGE)

• IEO/IDO to be announced

DEGA Exchange MainNet

• MainNet launches

Ecosystem Launches - Mar 2022 - Aug 2022

• Staking site launches

• No-loss Mini-Games launch

DEGA Protocol - May 2023

• DevNet Beta launches

• Developer documentation releases

DEGA Protocol Audit - Aug 2023

DEGA Protocol Final Release - Oct 2023

Ecosystem Expansion - Nov 2023 onward

• Approach P2P Gaming teams to extend into Solana blockchain simply by using DEGA Protocol

• Acceleration Program kicks start

• Increase quantity of no-loss mini-games

• Ultimate Objective: add more P2P Gaming apps into DEGA Ecosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions

DEGA is a SPL token, it is based on Solana blockchain.

DEGA will only use one blockchain, which is Solana. We won't offer on multiple blockchains.

Yes, it will be listed on Raydium. Date and time will be announced later.

DEGA is a game token, it will be used to play on decentralized gaming apps. We created first app called DEGA Exchange, 100% settlement fee will be channelled back to token holders in two ways: pools (staking, lending) and only-win social mini-games.
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